Why equip first responders with smartphones?

Apps can transform smartphones into adaptable and integrated tools


Augment radio with LTE reach and smartphone capabilities

  • Phones become radios – economically expanding your existing LMR investments
  • Add voice, data, and location to your transmissions
  • Easily add non-radio users to talk groups
  • Use location information for geo-based alerts, messages and instructions


Transform smartphones into expensive equipment, without the cost

Body-Worn Cameras

  • Visual Labs Smartphone BWC

    Get live-streaming or on-demand recordings of video via smartphones with peer tune-in and conceal capabilities.
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  • 10-21 Video from Callyo

    Body camera, digital camera and audio recorder all-in-one, with livestreaming and location analytics.
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Radiation Detectors

  • GammaPix Pro Command Center

    Detect ionizing radiation automatically using your smartphone camera.
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  • GammaPix Pro Training Simulator

    Support live training exercises that involve radiation detection - for use with the GammaPix Commend Center app.
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(Truly) Mobile Data Terminals

  • Vizsafe

    Get real-time situational awareness with incident reporting, communications and live cams.
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  • PocketCop

    Get actionable information from key systems (such as NCIC and DMV) and critical communications.
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Portable Scanners, Sensors & Drones

  • Sonim Scan

    Turn Sonim XP8 devices into a barcode scanner that fits in the palm of your hands.
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  • Fleet Complete

    Mobile and Dispatch apps provide live GPS tracking, monitoring and data sharing to manage workers, fleets and other assets.
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  • Sonim SAFEBUS

    School buses and riders are tracked on Sonim XP8, XP5S and Samsung Galaxy Tablet.
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  • Mission Keeper Mobile

    KSI Data Sciences provides low-latency live streaming of video and telemetry from iOS devices and DJI drones.
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Critical information when and where you need it

  • e-Bridge

    General Devices brings physicians on-scene with live telemedicine, protocol workflows, and multi-media sharing among emergency and medical staff.
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  • Vitals First Responder

    Vitals aware has an alert app and community of caregivers that helps responder identify and effectively engage with vulnerable individuals.
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  • Visual911+

    Born out of search and rescue missions, Southwest Synergistic has an app that shared GPS location and alert status to defined users and groups with visual signaling for quick rescue and triage.
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  • ERInfo Pro

    An app that determines a patient’s identity and provides their medical condition and emergency contacts with just a snap of the camera.
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Critical alerts when seconds count

  • Automatic Injury Detection

    Immediate notification will be sent if the light-weight sensor atop existing body armor is pierced by a bullet, knife or other object.
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  • OnGuard Lone Worker

    Lone workers are no longer alone.  Sens-Net Canada provides a comprehensive worker safety, monitoring and communications tool and service.
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  • Rave Panic Button

    With one push of a button, Rave Mobile Safety’s app alerts the right people for each situation – reducing the time it takes for help to arrive.
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  • CrisisGo

    An app and platform that helps school administrators and staff prepare for and respond to emergency situations.
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