Community engagement made actionable and easier

First responders are more effective when they have support from the individuals they serve – smart technology can help.


Interact with large populations and manage your daily calls

With RumbleUp, you can send broadcast messages to targeted communities and, based on their responses, automatically trigger additional instructions, interactions or other workflows.
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10-21 Police Phone provides customized support for officer phone calls.  Individuals pickup because it is a local number.  And when they call back, your voicemail knows whether you are on-shift and available.
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If their condition necessitates a different approach, you want to know

With Vitals First Responder, caregivers can take comfort in knowing you will be alerted and armed with life-saving information when you encounter the vulnerable individual in their care.


When seconds count, get nearby assistance

Your agency can engage others to begin critical care before your team arrives.

With PulsePoint, CPR-trained individuals are notified of a cardiac emergency in their vicinity so they can immediately begin life-saving care while responders are on their way.


Quick notifications and ground truth can save lives

When one of your schools are threatened, you want to respond quickly - with as much information as possible.

Students can alert authorities and provide their status to responders during a school crisis or event using:

  • CrisisGo – a digital safety and crisis response platform to prepare for, and respond to emergency situations

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  • Rave Panic Button – an app that reduces the time before help reaches students and others in an emergency

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Get life-saving information about injured and unresponsive individuals

ERInfo Pro can provide you with a patient’s identity, medical history and emergency contacts when they are unable to communicate.


Help when you are forced to find and triage victims during a disaster

Identifying and responsibly prioritizing response to those who need assistance during a large-scale incident can be difficult. 

With Visual911+, disaster victims can notify rescue personnel of their need and status for emergency triage and response.


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