FirstNet® Rapid Response: Mission Critical Push-To-Talk solution

When every second counts

When seconds matter and response time is critical, you need reliable communications solutions to collaborate with your teams. And in a fast-changing emergency, you need access to information quickly. So, you can make informed decisions.

FirstNet Rapid Response integrates mission-critical communication standards in a feature-rich, push-to-talk solution to help you meet these vital needs.

Unlock mission-critical team communications

Get FirstNet Rapid Response Push-to-Talk Standard service for $2.00/mo. or Advanced service for $15.00/mo. for a year.*

*After 12 months, service automatically continues at then-prevailing rate (currently $12.00/mo. for Standard service; $27.50 for Advanced service); unless canceled.  Pricing requires sign up.

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Mission critical standards

FirstNet Rapid Response is a mission-critical push-to-talk solution that offers FirstNet customers a solution based on Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards. FirstNet Rapid Response combines rich features with mission-critical performance on the FirstNet Network. This includes:

  • User Profiles and Roles
  • Operational Status Messaging
  • Emergency Calling
  • Video Streaming
  • User Check and User Enable/Disable


FirstNet Rapid Response brings you

  • Nationwide coverage

    FirstNet Network integration with Mission Critical Quality of Service treatment on the FirstNet Network. Mission Critical QoS ensures voice and data traffic have the highest priority on the FirstNet network.

  • Evolution to MCPTT​

    Existing Enhanced Push-To-Talk customers that qualify for FirstNet can migrate their service and talk groups to FirstNet Rapid Response (MCPTT) using their existing device.

  • LMR to LTE interoperability

    Interoperability with Land Mobile Radio using RoIP, ISSI, CSSI and or Motorola Solutions. (Critical Connect is sold separately by Motorola and not part of the FirstNet Rapid Response offer.)

  • Situational awareness​

    Take advantage of streaming video, location mapping, user checks and multimedia file sharing to add another layer of protection for users.


FirstNet Rapid Response Support

Learn more about the key features FirstNet Rapid Response has to offer and how to operate the service.

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