Activate your device

Did you recently receive a device that uses eSIM and need help activating your device? If so, then the documents provided below are available to guide you through the process. If you have any questions that are not addressed in the documents, or need additional help, please contact your FirstNet Specialist or call FirstNet Support: 800.574.7000.

Activate eSIM for Android OS (Operating System)

Steps for activation (PDF)

Activate eSIM for other Operating Systems

Steps for activation (PDF)

Frequently asked questions

Devices labeled FirstNet Ready® support FirstNet and Band 14 out of the box. All you need to do is insert your pre-activated FirstNet SIM and you’re ready to go. A FirstNet Ready® device supports First Priority™ and Band 14. It also configures access options and device settings for you when you install a FirstNet SIM. See our list of FirstNet Ready® devices. 

If you already have a device and aren’t sure if it’s FirstNet Ready®, check our list of FirstNet Ready® devices. To check if a device is FirstNet Ready®: 1. Verify the model number. • For an Apple® iOS® device, tap Settings, tap General, and then tap Regulatory. The model number appears at top of screen. (Example: A1920) • For an Android® device, tap Settings, tap System, and then tap About device. The model number appears. (Example: SM-G920P) 2. Go to, select your device name and check to see if the model number listed on the website matches the model number on your device. • If the model numbers match, your device is FirstNet Ready®. • If model numbers don’t match, your device is not FirstNet Ready®. 

Band 14 is one of the AT&T Spectrum Bands on which the FirstNet core network operates. Band 14 represents 20MHz of 700MHz spectrum. It provides good coverage in urban and rural areas as well as effective penetration into buildings.

If you’re device isn't FirstNet Ready®, it doesn’t support key FirstNet requirements, such as access to Band 14. With a device that isn't FirstNet Ready®, you will not have the full advantages of FirstNet in times of emergency. We encourage you to upgrade to a FirstNet Ready® device. 

You can buy a FirstNet Ready® device from your local AT&T retail store, online at Local Control, or by contacting your FirstNet sales representative. If you already have a device and aren’t sure if it’s FirstNet Ready®, check our list of FirstNet Ready® devices. For information, see our FirstNet Ready® device offers.

Yes. The AT&T Trade-in Program allows you to turn in your old devices that you no longer need. You’ll need to answer a few questions about your device for AT&T to determine the value of your device. Visit the AT&T Trade-in Program webpage for more information.

No. FirstNet Ready® devices are required for FirstNet customers. Only AT&T certified devices that are FirstNet Ready® are allowed. See our list of FirstNet Ready® devices.

FirstNet is the only exclusive communications system built for first responders. It provides access to the information and communication features you need, when you need them most. Benefits include: • Reliable, interoperable, high-speed LTE network core dedicated to public safety communications. The network connects law enforcement, fire services, emergency medical services, and other first-responder organizations. • Priority and preemption with First Priority®. This gives first responders first-in-line access during network congestion. • No speed limits on voice, text, or data. • Available end-to-end security. Features redundancy, dedicated support, and highly secure, reliable applications for first responders. • Uplift incident management. • Deployables, such as satellite cell trucks, for increased capacity. These are dedicated exclusively for public safety use during both planned activities and disaster recovery. • Local control and visibility over network status, user and device management, device activation, billing, and application management. • Public safety ecosystem to manage full array of Internet-connected devices, from vehicles to mobile apps. Includes real-time network intel and diagnostics, automation, security, alerts, performance monitoring, and cost management.

When you use a FirstNet Ready® device with a FirstNet SIM, you get all the benefits of FirstNet including First Priority and Band 14. When you install a FirstNet SIM in a FirstNet Ready® device, the device configures access options and device settings for you.

You need a FirstNet SIM to access the FirstNet core network. 

You don’t have access to all FirstNet features when you're on the AT&T network. For example, priority and preemption features are available, but aren’t as robust as they are on FirstNet with First Priority. The FirstNet network supports all features and functionality of the AT&T Core. 

You can get a FirstNet SIM by doing any of the following: • Visit your local AT&T store. • Call FirstNet Customer Service at 800.574.7000. • Purchase a new FirstNet Ready® device and line of service. A FirstNet SIM is included with your new device. Note: FirstNet SIMs are not available separately online

There is no charge for a FirstNet SIM.

Explore the benefits of FirstNet

First Priority®

Ensures first responders connect first – you’re always at the front of the line and always on. No competing with commercial users for a connection. Preemption capabilities will allow first responders to have the bandwidth in an emergency by detouring others off the network.


Ready for Band 14

Congress designated Band 14 for public safety use. This gives first responders dedicated access to highly-desirable 700MHz wireless spectrum that provides good propagation in urban and rural areas and in-building penetration.


App designed for you

A dedicated public safety app catalog offers highly secure and relevant applications for first responders. All apps pass a rigorous vetting process that focuses on meeting superior public safety standards.


Unprecedented network security

A physically separate core; dedicated security operations center to monitor and mitigate threats; and single sign-on/federated identity capabilities make it clear that security is a priority for FirstNet. This focus will remain a priority as we build end-to-end encryption.


Dedicated deployables

FirstNet will design and engineer, build, store, maintain, and deploy new Band 14 Satellite Cells on Light Trucks (SatCOLTs) for service continuity and disaster recovery, to quickly address coverage extension demands triggered by natural or man-made disasters, and for special events planned in advance.

There are two categories of financial responsibility for FirstNet authorized users.

Agency/Employer pays the bill: Agency Paid Users are employees and contractors of a qualified Public Safety Entity.  The Public Safety Entity pays for the FirstNet service for Agency Paid Users.

Individual pays the bill: Subscriber Paid Users are (a) verified current employees/volunteers of a Primary User Public Safety Entity or (b) employees of an eligible Extended Primary User Public Safety Entity.

It’s time for the real FirstNet experience

FirstNet subscribers on the AT&T network will be among the first to get access to the FirstNet core network, the only network built with and for our nation’s first responders and those who support them. If you have already received a FirstNet SIM card then see Installing and activating your SIM, below.


Decision to upgrade

There are certain features available on the AT&T network today that FirstNet does not yet offer. Remember, that’s because we’re building from the ground up. If any of these features are important to your agency, you may want to stay on the AT&T network until we enable those features on FirstNet. If you have any questions, please contact your FirstNet Specialist.

If you have any questions, please contact your FirstNet Specialist.