Securing your agency’s devices and sensitive data

by Pamela Heatley, Principal in Cybersecurity, FirstNet Program at AT&T

March 13, 2024

As a public safety IT professional, it is your job to help keep your agency’s network safe. With the increasing number of smartphones, tablets and laptops connecting to your network, how can you ensure these devices and your agency’s sensitive data are secure? Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) – which brings together FirstNet Certified™ applications from the FirstNet App Catalog – can help.

EMM puts you in control of all the mobile devices connecting to your network, whether they are owned by your agency or under a bring your own device (BYOB) policy.

EMM uses a suite of tools, including Mobile Device Management (MDM) for overseeing devices, and Mobile App Management (MAM) for controlling the apps installed on them. When used together, they ensure that the devices connecting to your agency's network follow the policies and standards you put in place, protecting your devices and your agency’s data.

Watch this video to learn more about EMMs.



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