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Public safety entities

Do you qualify for FirstNet?


Primary users vs. Extended Primary users

We have 2 types of eligible public safety entities, Primary users and Extended Primary users. 

Primary Users are Public Safety Entities that act as first responders, the agencies who are at an emergency scene first. This includes law enforcement, fire protection services, emergency (911) call dispatching and government Public Safety Answering Points, emergency planning and management offices, and ambulance safety services.

Extended Primary Users are those agencies, organizations, non-profit or for-profit companies that provide public safety services in support of Primary Users. They provide mitigation, remediation, overhaul, clean-up, restoration, or other such services during or after an incident.

Explore the benefits of FirstNet

First Priority®

Ensures first responders connect first – you’re always at the front of the line and always on. No competing with commercial users for a connection. Preemption capabilities will allow first responders to have the bandwidth in an emergency by detouring others off the network.


Ready for Band 14

Congress designated Band 14 for public safety use. This gives first responders dedicated access to highly-desirable 700MHz wireless spectrum that provides good propagation in urban and rural areas and in-building penetration.


App designed for you

A dedicated public safety app catalog offers highly secure and relevant applications for first responders. All apps pass a rigorous vetting process that focuses on meeting superior public safety standards.


Unprecedented network security

A physically separate core; dedicated security operations center to monitor and mitigate threats; and single sign-on/federated identity capabilities make it clear that security is a priority for FirstNet. This focus will remain a priority as we build end-to-end encryption.


Dedicated deployables

FirstNet will design and engineer, build, store, maintain, and deploy new Band 14 Satellite Cells on Light Trucks (SatCOLTs) for service continuity and disaster recovery, to quickly address coverage extension demands triggered by natural or man-made disasters, and for special events planned in advance.

There are two categories of financial responsibility for FirstNet authorized users.

Agency/Employer pays the bill: Agency Paid Users are employees and contractors of a qualified Public Safety Entity.  The Public Safety Entity pays for the FirstNet service for Agency Paid Users.

Individual pays the bill: Subscriber Paid Users are (a) verified current employees/volunteers of a Primary User Public Safety Entity or (b) employees of an eligible Extended Primary User Public Safety Entity.

If you have any questions, please contact your FirstNet Specialist.

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