• The GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY™ turnkey solution consists of hardware and software components specifically conceived to cost-effectively monitor our communities. By leveraging existing transformer assets, the traditional grid can be uniquely transformed into a game-changing, public safety protection solution.

  • GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY, which is FirstNet Ready® with access to Band 14, serves utility operators and first responders by improving access to reliable field-level data.

  • GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY™ DTM (Single-phase Distribution Transformer Monitor): The single-phase Distribution Transformer Monitor consists of accurate and patented sensing, metrology, and communications components combined into a compact and lightweight self-contained device. It can be installed without de-energizing in minutes, attaching to the transformer with integrated magnets, creating a wildfire mitigation solution.

  • OptaNODE® HESS (HeadEnd Server Solution): A versatile software platform consists of a Data Collection Engine, a Monitoring and Management Tool for device deployment, operation and maintenance, and a Data Analytics Portal which provides timely, accurate field information to operators and authorized stakeholders. Delivering wildfire mitigation and enhanced public safety throughout communities.

  • Key wildfire mitigation features include Early Detection, Auto Alerts, Prevention capability, Situational Awareness